We are

We are

DARE believes that sport’s performance and business performance come from a common DNA: the wish, the vision, the work, the commitment to that dream day in and day out.

All champions are remarkable by the fact that they train constantly, follow their goal and heart and and partner up with their coach and manager.

we train

champions in

An important step in this program is working with specific cases from a real business environment.

Sourcing suppliers, supplier negotiations, working to a budget, reviewing current products/services, supplier relationship management, decision making where new products and services are concerned, understanding of countries trade legislation, quick reaction to market changes, making sure products/services get delivered on time and meet the required standards, visits to the suppliers premises are the main roles and responsibilities of a professional purchaser that becomes our preparation responsibility.

The sales DNA and selling skills are the two areas we focus on in order for you to become a great salesperson.

Listening and questioning skills, business and finance acumen, being comfortable talking about money and knowing how to follow an effective trade process are the main milestones.

We develop leaders.

Through our transversal training programs, we develop leaders prepared to lead the organization and to effectively manage the changes necessary for growth.

With the managers help, we create an engaging culture and drive to generate a significant impact on performance.


the academy

DARE is the academy for people who want more and are willing to go the extra mile to get there

DARE Academy has been established in 2015 and designed to detect hidden potential in people and give them the best conditions to succeed in their chosen career in purchasing area of the future worldwide leader in clearance.


the competition

DARE is the competition that can help you develop your communication and negotiation skills

You will have the opportunity to discover all the international trade secrets, to become more independent and entrepreneurial in a multicultural and multinational environment.

You will have the chance to meet other talented people who are here to build a successful career in international trade (international acquisitions and sales).


the innovation

Join our ambitious colleagues and we will give you support along this journey

From the first day you will be part of our team having the chance to practice your language competences and work in the international trade.

Our values



1. Recruitment

2 days

An original recruitment event with a 48h result designed for company presentation and discover, meet and assess the candidates with trade potential.

2. Value

2 days

An intensive evaluation process focused on values and teambuilding concept.

3. Business

3 weeks

A period of blended learning, training and shadowing on soft and hard skills as well as setting the theory through workshops and e-learning with evaluations and feedback.

4. Coaching

up to 5 months

A safe environment for you to compete and advance on the concepts of clearance purchasing. The program has an up to 5 months of guided commercial activity.