DARE to become a champion

DARE to become a champion

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The Buyer

• Buyer’s main mission is to negotiate deals and offer the best clearance solution to suppliers that have a stock issue

• Stays in touch with business owners and high decision-makers

• Collaborates with the Marketing Department to prepare the acquisition files

• Negociates the deals in the parameters given by the marketing department

• Aims to find the most interesting clearance products

• Travels to fairs and international business meetings (30% of the time)

The Prospector

Prospector‘s main mission is to source new clearance opportunities and to qualify the products as unsold and blocked stock, in need of our solution
• Discovers batches of clearance online & by phones
• Works closely with buyers to prepare the acquisitions files
• Is part of  commercial team with the possibility to become a buyer
• Can travel to international fairs and business trips with buyers and marketing department

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